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How TheAnswer.Pro works.

1. Tell me exactly what you need me to do.

Do you want me to find somebody? Give me their story.

Give me whatever information you can but not anything like a social security number.

Everything will be held in strictest confidence.

Be brief but thorough. Include vital details.

Vital details include data like names, addresses (email and street), age, sex, birthday, relatives, spouse(s), children.

If there's something else you think might be even remotely helpful, throw it in too.

2. My fee structure is $100/hour, and you have to buy at least one hour of my time.

I can't afford to spend my time reading through your request without getting paid.

Besides reading, I'll also spend that first hour figuring out how to get to the answer you're seeking.

Try to send me copies of original documents.

Original documents often contain critical information that's frequently overlooked or not considered important.

I once found an exact address by zooming in on a reflection in the background of a photograph, finding a street sign.

3. Try to be available for me.

When I can take something apart--deconstruct, then reconstruct-- that's when I find the critical data.

Part of my deconstruct and reconstruct method can require some quick follow-up questions so please stay available.

I can call, text, or email you. However you want.

The more available you are, the faster I'll get answers to any follow-up questions I might have.

I can usually find answers very quickly after spending research time getting the full picture.

I'm that fast.

I can't guarantee that because I won't know what your exact need is until I first review and understand your request.