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1. I'm a freelance writer with a deep skillset for intense, comprehensive research.

I find answers others can't.

Clients hire me for my ability to produce a thoughtful, finished piece of writing. It has to be accurate and include all references and documentation of the facts.

A frequent comment is, "How did you find this?"

You'll say the same.

2. I'm also the parent of a special needs child, an experience that's taught me--forced me--to be very, very resourceful.

All the experts said, "No."

Then, "There's nothing we can do."

Next, "And there's nothing you can do."

If we'd listened to them our son probably wouldn't be here.

We looked elsewhere for better answers, under every rock, through every nook and cranny. A huge resource opened up once I figured out how to leverage the real power of the Internet.

Suddenly, we didn't have to take no for an answer. You shouldn't either.

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3. I'm dangerous with data.

I can find names, email and home addresses, sometimes even cell phone numbers.

I won't tell you how I do it, but I assure you everything I do is perfectly legal.

I'm not a hacker.

I just know how to find public information and turn that into an even wider data stream. Once the stream flows, I find what I'm looking for.

I'll be glad to do the same for you. Click here to get started.

4. Take advantage of my sharply-honed skills and talents to find the answers you need.

I find answers on a daily, sometimes even hourly basis. A very small sampling have been complied into a series of Case Studies. Read through them by clicking here.

Some have more specifics than others. The level of candor depends solely on how private a client wants me to keep the information.

Email me if you need greater details.

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